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From a young age I had a love of painting and drawing.

I studied art, with an interest in photography throughout my schooling and continued with drawing,
oil and pastel classes for the next 12 years. My painting teachers were Barbara Beasley-Southgate,
Robin Schubert and Ming McKay.

I painted and exhibited in several exhibitions while my children were growing up.

In 1992, I attended RMIT College where I studied Interior Design and have continued in this industry to date,
working for Coco Republic at the Richmond Showroom and Property Styling for their Commercial Department.

I have also operated my own business, ‘Lianne Fritsch Interiors’ since 1996 and specialise in soft furnishings,
colour consultation, furniture and accessories.

My life-changing experience came in 2007 and 2008 when I travelled on my own to Italy and Greece for 3 months.
Before leaving, I enjoyed Italian language classes and continued to do so afterwards.

I had planned a lengthy stay at each destination so was able to spend time discovering Milan, Cinque Terre,
Lake Como, Venice, The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Portofino, Sestri Levante, Rome, Sicily then to Greece where I stayed
in Athens, Delphi, the Islands of Santorini, Crete and Mikanos.

On the beautiful island of Crete, I stayed in the pretty Venetian village, Chania which circles a sheltered harbour
guarded by sturdy fortifications.

My hotel stood opposite the fresh food market which I frequented, purchasing cheeses, olives and vine tomatoes
for glorious lunches.

Each day I spent time discovering delightful laneways of colourful old buildings which I photographed.
Balconies with terracotta pots spilling over with geraniums or the bright scarlet of bougainvillea climbing an
old stone wall or pergola. Reflections in the water of the old town buildings, particularly as the sun was setting
were spectacular.

On my second day, a lovely French lady I met at my hotel offered to drive me around the island for the next
two days as her husband was working in Crete on business. It was a perfect opportunity to discover places
I could not access without a car.

From Crete I flew on to Palermo in Sicily, where I spent a week travelling around the island.

A particularly favourite place of mine is Monterosso, one of the Cinque Terre villages. From there I walked to
the neighbouring villages, often spending the afternoon swimming or shopping before returning by train.

Monterosso has a delightful seaside promenade and quaint village atmosphere with many beautiful restaurants
and delightful shops selling handmade wares. The pesto sauces, lemoncello and local wines I could have sent
back home by the crate.

My travels then took me to Levanto, Portofino and Sestri Levante all of which are magnificent destinations.

Whilst in Santorini, I decided once I returned home that I had to pick up my brushes and capture the colours
of this beautiful island and the Ligurian coastline of Italy is an artist's dream.

Now 18 Months later, my debut solo exhibition, 'Mediterranean Memoirs' displays paintings and framed
photography of some of my favourite places throughout these beautiful countries.

My dream is to continue to travel, paint and photograph such exquisite destinations and hopefully to inspire
others who may have been there once or who hope to in the future.... bon voyage!